Plastic Edge Connect Base

Spacer Support (SUP-23A)

Provide space and support between circuit boards, joint PCB with chassis and other board.


Canoe Clip (MBT-06)

Flat head design, easily assembly.


Professional Manufacturer of Plastic Edge Connect Base | Mechanical Components - PINGOOD

幸运农场综合走势图, is a Plastic Edge Connect Base | mechanical component manufacturer from Taiwan with 35 years of experience, since 1982.

PINGOOD's mechanical component is ISO certified and professionally made to meet high standards. Mechanical components including Rotary damper, Push latch, Spacer support, Plastic fastener, Cable management, LED Housing, Bushing, Light pipe, Wire saddle, Plastic foot.

PINGOOD's plastic mechanical component is applicable in computer, electronic, electric machinery and automotive related products.

Press Release

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